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How to Choose the Right Boudoir Photographer

If you google "boudoir photographer" you'll see that there is no shortage of people willing to shoot intimate pictures of you. So what sets us all apart and what should you look for? Here's my list of what I think you should ask yourself when you are looking for the right photographer for you.

Does this Person Make you Feel Comfortable?

I'm putting this first because it's the most important in my opinion. Boudoir photography is a very intimate thing and it can be very vulnerable. You want to look for someone who you are going to feel comfortable with. For me, the reason I put so much information out there about me and record videos and behind-the-scenes footage is because I want people to feel comfortable around me and feel like they know me when it comes time for a shoot. It's also why I like talking to people on the phone before a shoot.

Here's a video behind-the-scenes of a shoot. You can also read more about me on my About page.

Is this Person Creative?

Photography is an art form and art requires creativity. If you are going to spend your money and your time working with someone to take vulnerable pictures of you, are they going to give you something creative, exciting, and unique? Or are you going to get the same thing that everyone else gets? I take a lot of pride in the creative process that goes into my photos, from the design of the studio, to the use of colors and shadow. I have a page in my gallery dedicated to unique styles that I use in my shoots here:

Does It Fit Your Vibe?

There are lots of styles out there - from provocative to modest, from studio to outdoor. My style is that I want people to look at the picture and think, "Wow, that is elegant" or "Wow, that it beautiful." I like to focus on the curves and contours of the body instead of what certain parts of the body look like. I like it when the pictures are classy and timeless, like a Renaissance painting. What's your favorite style? What style are you looking for?

Can This Person Help Me with Posing?

Almost all of my clients bring up posing and almost all of my clients are doing this for the first time and have no experience with posing. I spend a lot of time posing my clients and I focus on the minute movements that make all the difference to get the best angles. I have a system where I have my clients move their shoulders, hips, arms, chin, legs, etc. just the slightest bit to get the best light and composition that I want in that photo. It's important that I do all of that without the need to come up and touch you and grab you and move you.

Here is one of many videos on my YouTube channel with behind-the-scenes footage from a shoot with posing direction with someone at her first shoot.

Does This Person Understand Lighting?

Lighting is so important. The word "photography" comes from the root words meaning to write with light. Understanding light and shadow is probably the most important technical skill a photographer can have. Lighting plays in conjunction with posing because you pose someone for the light, but before you do that, you have to understand how the light is going to hit the body and pull out the curves and contours of the body and emphasize and hide certain parts of your subject. Here are some examples of playing with light and shadow to craft an image:

Does This Person Have a History of Delivering Unforgettable Experiences?

You should very easily be able to look at what a photographer has done with other people and see the experiences of those people. I love when my clients share their experiences and I have an entire page dedicated to show what those experiences have been. If a photographer hides or does not have information about past client experiences, it should be a huge red flag. Here is my favorite page on my website:

If you are interested in booking a shoot or just want to learn more, click this button below:

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