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Our Awesome Wardrobe Selection

We have a large selection of things available for shoots, from dresses to lingerie to evening gowns.

Lingerie Collection

As far as lingerie goes, we don't keep any bottoms in the studio for sanitary purposes. Most of our items are things like corsets, babydolls, negligees, etc. We keep a package of nude thongs usually in the studio to wear under bodysuits. You are also welcome to bring your own things. We have a huge collection of bras of all different sizes too. Here are some pics with things from our collection.

Fabric and Accessories

I love shooting with flowy silky fabrics. I also have a variety of other things like body chains and stockings, garter belts, etc., that we use in shoots.

Dresses and More

We have a variety of dresses and evening gowns for elegant looks.