Artistic Nudes

Not everyone wants to shoot nude and that's okay. We never push people in any way beyond what they are comfortable doing. But there are some really beautiful and elegant things that you can do with shooting nudes using posing and lighting precision to make artistic photos that showcase the contours of the human body.

My personal opinion is that the more revealing a photo gets, the more artistic I try to make it because I prefer to not just do nudity for the sake of nudity. Rather, I love it when it flows with the image and adds to the composition. I hear all the time, "I only want to do it if it's classy and tasteful." That's my preference too.

Here are some examples of some of the ways I create images with the bare human figure. Not all of these pictures are with completely naked people. The idea with these is to capture the beautiful ways the light hits the contours of the skin. They can be done nude, partially nude, or non-nude.


Precision in lighting and posing showing just enough to put the emphasis on the contours of the human figure.

Implied Nude

Implied nude shots are where you are posed or angled or cropped in a way to hide any nudity.

Fabric, Furs, Sheer, Robes...

I have an embarrassingly large collection of silks and furs and fabrics and things to create an elegant goddess vibe.

Anonymous/Detail Shots

Anonymous shots are framed in a way to make it so you can't see your face. They add an element of mystery and draw focus in on certain areas.