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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bring somoene to a shoot? Boyfriend? Friend? Moral Support?
    Absolutely. The most important concern is your comfort. If you feel more comfortable having someone there with you, you are welcome to bring someone. Most people do not bring anyone because it can be distracting, but some do and we always want to make sure that option is avialable. We'll go into more detail about this during the booking process and the initial phone call.
  • Do you provide hair and makeup? Can I get a discount without it?
    Hair and makeup is compliemntary, so you might as well take advantage of the service. It is mandatory for the session because it is integral to the experience. We use our network of professional makeup artists and hair stylists who we know to have a history of delivering fantastic results and maintaining proper sanitation protocols.
  • Can you just send me all of the unedited pictures?
    We only provide finished products to our clients, just like a chef only provides finished plated dishes and does not offer discounts for simply placing a bunch of half cooked ingredients on a plate.
  • How do I get my pictures after the shoot?
    Your shoot fee includes a follow up reveal session, which we will also schedule at the time of the initial shoot. The photos take about an hour or two to load and generate thumbnails. We only do in person sessions and do not send digital galleries online.
  • How much do picture packages cost?
    We have a variety of picture packages available that include printed albums. Packages start at $1500 and the average package price is $2900.
  • Are my photos going to be on the internet?
    I never post client pictures on the internet. All of the pictures on my social media and on my website are from promotional shoots that I have commissioned for marketing purposes.
  • Do you retouch images? Can you?
    We'll discuss this in detail during the planning process. My default is to do minimum retouching and instead make the pictures how I want through posing and lighting. I usually default to editing out acne, bruises, other temporary skin issues. If there's anything you want, I'll do it, but not by default without you asking first.
  • I've never had a professional shoot and I don't know how to pose. Can you help?
    Most of my clients have never had a shoot and I work with people all the time who have never posed for a professional shoot. I'm very comfortable with posing people.
  • Do you only shoot Boudoir? Do I have to be in my underwear or nude?
    I love shooting any style of photography that makes people fall in love with themselves. That includes fashion shots in dresses. In fact, that's why I have a collection of about 150 dresses in the studio. One thing that is very important to me is that you be comfortable during the shoot. You will never be asked to do anything outside your comfort zone. If you want to do a shoot in a dress, you will not be asked to do a lingerie or nude shoot. If you want to shoot in lingerie, you will not be pressured into shooting nude. I specialize in providing positive experiences, not trying to see how many women I can pressure into doing something they are not comfortable with.
  • I'm just looking for a quick and cheap option for Instagram. Do you have a cheap package for beginner models?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    When you pay you set your booking date, I'll send you an electronic invoice and you can pay it with a debit or credit card. The same thing applies to the purchase of picture packages.
  • What format do you provide finished pictures in?
    We offer printed albums, high qulaity prints on fine art paper, and digitals files a la carte.During the pre shoot consultation, we'll go over all the picture packages and purchase options.
  • Your shoot fee is $600 and picture packages are extra? Aren't there photographers on Instagram who will do it cheaper or free?
    Yes. And just as with cars, clothes, purses, sunglasses, makeup, hotels, and hair salons, there will always be options across the quality and price spectrum. There are people who will do tattoos for free too. We offer the highest quality hair and makeup stylists, the highest quality studio, the highest quality albums, the highest quality styling, the highest quality posing guidance for beginners, the highest quality lighting expertise using the highest quality equipment. Our photos and client testimonials speak to the level of quality we provide for the entire experience from booking to receiving your album and booking your return visit. We offer a Rodeo Drive experience at Rodeo Drive prices because we invest so much in making your experience memorable and perfect in every way. We don't offer tiers of mediocrity at Walmart prices. That does not allow us to provide the level of attention to each client and the level of quality that we do. We know that for most people, the decision to finally do a professional studio boudoir shoot is a big decision and we honor and respect that decision by giving it the level of quality and service that you deserve.
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