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Finding the Right Style for You

My preferred style of shooting is: Elegant, classy, and confident. I like to focus on the contours of the body and create pictures that look more like renaissance art. Clients come to me sometimes with ideas or styles that they would like, and I'm always happy to create pictures in the style that my clients want. But if you are like most of my clients and you want to go off of my ideas, we are going to do something elegant and classy that showcases your confident understanding that you are stunning.


You are welcome to bring your own things, but we have an awesome collection of dresses and outfits and lingerie items. We are very strict about sanitation and Covid precautions.

Check out these styles to see what best suits your comfort level and get some ideas for some creative looks for your shoot.

Tame, Spicy or in Between - You Pick

Click below to get some inspiration for your shoot in either lingerie, nude, or fully clothed.

Themed Shoots

Click on the icons below to browse by type different unique styles we offer for your boudoir shoot.

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