Boudoir Style Gallery

 Here are some styles to help you see what kind of shoot makes you feel the most confident and comfortable.

Boudoir literally means "private bedroom" so everyone defines it differently because that is such a vague word. Some people think it just means "sexy" photos or photos in lingerie. For me, boudoir photography simply means photography that helps people feel confident in the way they look. It lets women get in touch with their femininity and sensual side and fall in love with their physical appearance.

Our 11-Foot Wall of Dresses and More

We have an 11-foot wall of dresses, suits, blazers, blouses, skirts, jackets, three wedding dresses, and more. We have the best collection of dresses in San Diego.


You are welcome to bring your own things, but we have an awesome collection of dresses and outfits and lingerie items. We are very strict about sanitation and covid precautions.

Lingerie Shoot

We have a collection of lingerie of various sizes in the studio, including bras, bodysuits, teddies, negligees, corsets and other pieces. For sanitary purposes , we do not keep bottoms in the studio.

Fabric, Furs, Robes...

I have an embarrassingly large collection of silks and furs and fabrics and things to create an elegant goddess vibe.

Partial Nudity,  Implied Nudity, Nudity

Implied nude pictures include pictures where you are censored by shadows, posing, hand bras, or just cropped in post. We have nipple pasties in the studio most of the time and can make any arrangements you need to create the pictures you had in mind.