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Anatomy of a Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Check out the full photoshoot below with about 1,000 sample images!

I get a lot of people asking me what it's like at a shoot with me here at my studio. I love sharing as much information as I can about it because I want people to feel comfortable when they are researching about their photoshoot and I want them to feel comfortable coming into the shoot.

So, when Rachel reached out for a boudoir shoot for her 30th birthday, I pitched the idea to her and she agreed. We had already worked together on a fashion shoot about a year prior, but she had never had a boudoir shoot, so I thought she would be perfect for this project. Most of my clients have never had a professional shoot or a boudoir shoot. So I wanted to show how I interact with my clients during the shoot and how I direct posing and come up with ideas during the shoot.

Boudoir Shoot Planning

Before every shoot, we have a discussion about what the client is comfortable with so that we can keep the shoot in those boundaries.

boudoir shoot planning

boudoir shoot planning for nudity

My goal is to create a pressure-free environment and let clients choose the style of the shoot. I have a gallery on my website here to get ideas and see samples:

boudoir photo gallery

I also have a client wardrobe closet with items available to use during your shoot:

Check out the wardrobe page on my website here for some sample images of items in the wardrobe collection.

Hair and Makeup

hair and makeup gallery for boudoir shoot

Every shoot begins with hair and makeup. It's important that my clients feel that spa-like experience at the beginning of the shoot. It helps clients relax and feel pampered. We put a lot of effort into making the day important and we want you to look your best. We can usually accommodate any makeup look, but my favorite look is more natural.

The Shoot

We have lots of beautiful areas to shoot in. Here, we started in the Renaissance Room and used the crimson curtains to create some beautiful dramatic images.

For look two, we decided to use the Baroque Room and take advantage of our other large fake window. The fake windows give us beautiful natrual-looking light any time of the day, regardless of weather.

For the next look, we went back to the Renaissance Room and the to the Vintage Vanity set to get some creative images with the mirror.

For look four, we pulled out the Gothic King Bed set to get some beautiful natural images backlit by the large window. Sorry, this one is age restricted,so you have to watch it on YouTube.

For the final look, we decided to shoot on the seamless paper using the spotlight attachment to get some creative images with precise light placement.

The Result

Here are my favorite 30 pics from the set. We usually shoot about 1,000 pics in a session and offer packages and albums in different sizes from five pictures up to 60 pictures.

When's Your Turn?

If you want to talk about booking your own shoot or just do a tour of the studio, let me know and I'd be happy to give you more details.

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