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The Rain Room

*Limited Time Only*

These add-on items are available as additional options for your shoot day or bonuses for pre-paying for packages. It's a great opportunity to get extra freebies by paying upfront.


Our most popular add-on. We have a large enclosed rain room with a 3" reflection pool. It is surrounded by waterproof diffusion material to shoot soft light through the sides or it can be just backlit for a silhouette look. We have colored lights, fog, waterproof lights, and other options.


​How to Book

Use the form below to contact us about a rainroom shoot. We require a $500 reservation to hold your spot. Picture packages and video options are separate. We have lots of options to customize your shoot.

Fog, colored lights, lingerie, other wardrobe options, and blood...



Rainroom sessions last about an hour. Each session has a batch of freshly heated water. Due to the time it takes to set up the rainroom and how it takes over the studio, and the cleanup time, we only have it up for a limited time and can only accommodate a handful of sessions.

Check out this video that Fitness Photographer and Educator Brett Seeley took on a recent trip to San Diego of our setup here:

Rain Room Gallery