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Unique Shoots


I designed and built everything in the studio. I like to build creative things that let me showcase neat lighting tricks and beautiful effects. Here are some of these projects. These usually require extra setup, so I don't include then in my usual shoots, but we can discuss adding in anything that you see here.

Fiber Optics

Color-changing fiber optic strands. They give off a low-light effect like candles, but you can grab them and wrap them around your body to create unique accents and highlights across the jaw, the small of the back, the hair, etc. They change color and can be set to fade to different colors giving different looks to each pose and configuration. We have multiple sets of fiber optics to setup pairing colors and effects.

Color Bars

I custom-built these bars from electronic components. Each of the twelve 8-foot light tubes has its own independent wi-fi controller that lets you change the color and the brightness independently or as a group. I made the ends magnetic, so they can hang from a steel arm above or they can fit into custom magnetic stands to place them vertically. I made a backdrop with steel contact points that allow the color bars to be placed in different designs, like an X or a triangle. They can even be set to pulse to music.

The Light Cave

A 3-wall curved enclosure, backlight with color-changing lights.