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The most important thing to me is for you to leave the studio after your session overwhelmed with what a positive experience you just had. Although it is an unusual setting, it is my place of work and I keep everything professional and make sure people have a positive experience. I have never had a single complaint of inappropriate behavior and I will always keep it that way.

Every single picture on this website is a picture of a woman who is comfortable and happy. I want you to have pictures like that too. In order for that to happen, I create an environment where you feel free to create, even while you are nervous. If you feel creeped out, I cannot do my job of giving you incredible pictures. And I love my job.

Here are a few of my policies during your shoot that I keep to make sure your experience is awesome:

  • Compliments - When you do something that looks awesome, I'll be sure to let you know, but I keep all of my remarks respectful and never say anything that I wouldn't want repeated back to my wife or kids. Almost everyone I shoot has no experience in posing, so letting people know when they're doing exactly what I'm aiming for is important. My style is things like, "Your hair looks great like that, let's capture that." or "I love the way that outfit compliments your waist. I can't wait to show you how these pictures are turning out."

  • Touching/personal space - I cannot think of a situation where I would ever need to touch you during a shoot, even if it's tucking a tag in or moving some hair or positioning a limb. I prefer to just let you do that yourself. If I ever need to get close to you, I let you know what I'm doing and why.

  • Place to change - we have a private restroom for you to change.

  • Information - One of the reasons I have so much information on my website is that people are generally more at ease when they know what to expect. I have information on this site. I have my contract which has a lot of information in it. I am available by phone, email, or chat any time to answer any questions. I make myself available for a studio tour if you want. I like to put a lot of information into planning shoots - what outfits you have, what concepts you have, what your comfort level is, etc.



At some point, we'll have a discussion about what you are comfortable with. Some people don't mind shooting fully nude. Some people only want to shoot fully covered. Where you fall on that scale is totally fine. My job is not to convince you to get as naked as possible. My job is to give you pictures that you love within the boundaries that you set. It's like if you go to a restaurant and order the chicken, the chef wouldn't try to push you to get duck. That would be weird and suspect. I don't so much care what kind of pictures you want as much as I care that they are the exact pictures that you want.

Most people don't really know what they would want to do. I have an inspo gallery here with different concepts and ideas to accentuate the art and femininity of the human body, from lingerie, sheer materials, shadows, implied nude, partial nudity, and fully nude. Check it out to see what jumps out at you and what you might be comfortable with.

And know that if you choose to do one thing, you can change concepts at any time. This is your shoot and you can set the parameters at any time.


First off, every picture you see on this site is either someone who has asked that their picture be on here or something that was specifically shot for advertising my portfolio. Your pictures will not go on this site if you don't want them to. There is no pressure and no incentives to try to convince you to put your pictures visible to the public.

Second, your business is your business and we don't tell people that you are shooting with us. We don't take BTS pics for social media unless you want us to. I always love getting makeup BTS and before and after shots, but you are not obligated to agree to that. We know that a lot of people get these shoots as a surprise gift. A lot of people get these shoots for no other reason than they just want to, and they don't need their friends or co-workers prying into how the shoot went. You are more than welcome to tell people you are planning a boudoir shoot with us. We appreciate it when you do. But we just let them learn it from you, not us. If you don't care, let us know. We re always happy to share BTS moments that you approve in our stories.

Just like with boundaries, you set the parameters of your shoot as far as what you want us to share or not share.

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