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Why Get a Boudoir Shoot?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

  • Because you want to.

  • Because you deserve it.

  • Because you want to memorialize your beauty and feminity and sensuality with the assistance of expert posing and lighting and styling in a beautiful setting that can bring out class and elegance with a professional who specializes in helping women combat the billion-dollar a year corporate ad campaigns designed to teach women that they are not beautiful enough unless they are perfect and that they can never be perfect.

  • Because you are getting married.

  • Because you are getting divorced.

  • Because you want to get your significant other "a present" and you could choose a million other presents, but you want get a "present" that helps you satisfy your curiosity about how you would look if you were pampered with professional hair and makeup and styled, lit, and posed in a luxury studio that lets you also have keepsakes forever about how beautiful you are.

  • Because you want to fight the stigma that embracing your sexuality is bad.

  • Because you are an adult and you don't need to explain yourself to other people.

Why with Me?

  • You want your experience to be with a professional who has a history of delivering awesome experiences to permanently boost your confidence.

  • You want your boudoir shoot to be with someone whose nerdy love of lighting and posing is going to make it so you can see yourself as you actually exist in the most flattering way.

  • You want to work with someone who understands what it's like to work with people who have never had a professional shoot.

  • You want to work with someone who vigorously advocates for model safety and respect.

If you want to book a shoot or just learn more about the process, click this button below:

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