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Is Boudoir Empowering?

Check out this exchange from a behind-the-scenes video I shot in a recent shoot. "Isn't this fun though?" "It is! It's so empowering!"

The word "empowering" gets used a lot with boudoir shoots. What do you think is the best word to use?

Let's Look at Some Definitions of the Word "Empowering."

From Oxford: "make(someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights."

From Collins Dictionary: "...makes people feel stronger and more successful than they did before."

From Cambridge Dictionary: "...makes you feel more confident and makes you feel that you are in control of your life."

So, How Does Boudoir Do That?

A lot of it depends on your goals for the shoot and what you are feeling coming into the shoot. Some people come in after a breakup. Some people come in for a bridal boudoir groom gift. Some people come in because they just want to. Some people come in after they have had some kind of trauma and want to feel beautiful and confident. In the United States, society puts a lot of pressure on women to not be proud of their beauty, to hide their sensuality. Boudoir photography is about reclaiming that. It's about working with a professional to style, light, and pose you to allow those qualities to come out.

I would say that 90% of my clients do not share their pictures on the internet. Even if you are, and especially if you are, doing the shoot just for yourself, that "empowering" feeling comes from seeing yourself in a new light where you look and feel your best.

Here's What Others Are Saying

Here are what other people have told me and said about their sessions.

This is from a surprise album reveal video where Emily saw her pictures printed for the first time and cried. It was one of the sweetest moments in my whole life.

I remember when Sydney posted this. It had an impact on me. It still does. It's hard work running a business (even this one) and messages like this and stories about how people have felt empowered mean the word l to me and it's why I do what I do and try so hard every day.

Sydney's Instagram post

This is from my Google reviews. It sorts the most popular words in reviews. The number one is "feel." Most people leave the shoot and they don't talk about how they look, they talk about how they feel. That is important to me. I want people to wake up and go to work and, when they are having a bad day, I want them to remember how they felt that day. I want them to know that the person who was in the studio in that photoshoot is inside them always.

A summary of my Google reviews

You can read more of my reviews on my testimonials page. I have that up there because I want people to know what other people's experiences have been and what they can expect to "feel" at their own shoot.

If you'd like to learn more about booking a shoot for yourself, click below. I'd be happy to talk to you!

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