Specialty Shoots

Specialty shoots take more prep time, more clean up time, often require the help of others. Here are some of the categories of things we've done in the past:

Pool Shoots

We have two small pools. We have a small pool heater as well to warm the water. Other options include dry ice or flowers in the water. Shooting in a pool can be very tricky as far as posing and lighting because the model is limited in the poses she can do and the photographer is limited in the way I can light it, so it definitely helps to have expert guidance in pool shoots.

Fire Shoots

For fire shoots, we always work with our licensed pyrotechnician.

Paint Shoots

This includes body painting, and pouring paint. Take a look at the gallery below. We also have a variety of cleanup options in the studio.

Shower Shoots

These shots are done in in studio in our fake shower setup.

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