Boudoir Shoot Prep Guide

Most of the people I shoot have never had a professional shoot. They don't know anything about posing. The good news is your job is to show up and my job is to handle posing, lighting, styling, and making sure you are comfortable and can enjoy your experience.


I think that the best way to help people feel comfortable is to give them as much information about the process as possible. Below is a collection of information for what you need to know before, during, and after a shoot.

I made these videos for you to see the vibe and atmosphere of a shoot:

Getting Ready for the Shoot:

  1. Be sure you are on time for the photoshoot. Communicate any delays as soon as possible. Because we might have other shoots booked later in the day or other commitments, a significant delay from the agreed-upon start time might result in a forfeiture of the session fee.

  2. If you need any special accommodation, let us know in advance as soon as possible.

  3. If you have a Pinterest account, it's helpful to create a mood board of the types of poses and lighting that you want to try.

  4. I have a variety of dresses and accessories that you are welcome to use. They are mostly between size 4 and size 8. I advise wearing a nude bra and underwear to go underneath any outfit you want to wear to prevent weird color cast through any dress.

  5. Avoid wearing anything too tight before the shoot that might leave marks on the skin. For example, if you have high waisted jeans that you wear to the photoshoot and you want to wear something that shows your stomach, you'll have marks from the jeans across your stomach. That will affect the timing of getting photos back to you and although those marks can usually be edited out, it might result in the image not looking as good as if you did not have the marks to begin with.

  6. If you have acne or any marks on your face that you are concerned about, those can be retouched if you want. It's usually not a cause to cancel or postpone the photoshoot.

  7. If you've never modeled before, you might be surprised that it is a lot of physical work. A lot of people want to starve themselves before a photoshoot. This is a bad idea. You'll get worn out and tired. With posing and lighting, it's my job to angle you and capture you at your best. Eating a real meal before the photoshoot is not going to change the way your pictures come out. Being exhausted and hungry will prevent you from having the experience and the final pictures that you want.

At the Shoot:

  1. You will never be asked to do something you are not comfortable with. If we agree on a fashion or lifestyle/influencer type shoot, you will not be asked or pressured to do anything beyond that. You feeling comfortable and relaxed and having an enjoyable luxury experience is the most important thing to me.

  2. You are welcome to bring a friend or significant other to the shoot as long as that person is not a distraction. For example, if your guest repeatedly makes unhelpful negative comments about how bad you look in a certain outfit and it changes the energy of the shoot, the guest might be asked to leave or wait in the waiting room.




You will never be asked to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. You can agree to one thing and change your mind at any time. My only goal is to get you pictures that you love. For planning purposes, it helps to gauge what your comfort level is. There are a couple of types of degrees of nudity: Lingerie, Sheer, Implied nudity, and nude. Here are some examples:


Fully covered, wearing bra and underwear or corsets, bodysuits or other items.


Material that is partially see through.

Implied nude

Nude, but covered either by pasties, material, your hands, or turned in a way that nothing can be seen by the camera.


Full nude or topless

We have a bathroom where you can get changed and store your things.

I have an extensive wardrobe collection of bras of various sizes, corsets, bodysuits, teddies. I try to keep nipple pasties in the studio as well. I do not have bottoms for sanitary purposes. I have most of the items cataloged here in my Pinterest board. I also have a collection of sheer silky fabrics available for shoots.

After the Shoot/ How to Get Your Pictures:

  1. Depending on the length of the session, the pictures can be ready for review in about an hour. I will take the pictures and transfer them to my computer and load them into software that creates thumbnails and apply some slight adjustments to lighting and colors and contrast. Once they are ready, we will do an in-person review of the photos. The review of the photos is only done in person. We do not send digital libraries for review.

  2. At the in-person review, we will select images that you want to purchase and discuss picture packages that we have available.

  3. I do not provide raw or unedited pictures.

  4. My default for retouching includes removing acne, bruises, or other discolorations from the skin, and stretch marks. If you want any scars or moles removed, please let me know. I usually do not push or pull the images to make someone skinnier unless specifically asked. If there is anything you are concerned about, let me know as soon as possible so that we can discuss it before the retouching begins.

  5. If you need any pictures with a specific timeframe, let me know as soon as possible. A faster turn around time might incur an added fee.

  6. Depending on how many pictures you want, the standard turn-around time is about a week. Our print prices are available on our printing page.

  7. Any digitals purchased will be delivered in 5x7 format.

  8. We would love to have a review on Yelp, Facebook, and Google.

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