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Our Newest Studio Set, Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Updated: Aug 24

Today, we unveiled our newest set build - the Gothic Canopy King Bed. It's a Victorian-styled charcoal grey King bed with intricate European appliques. The Canopy allows the hanging of sheer silky fabric for a more mysterious vibe

Here is a video:

I love new studio builds. They usually cost me hundreds of dollars and take a huge amount of time to plan and build. This one was no exception. But I always love celebrating when they are done. I finished this one just in time to use it for Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day Special

I put up a dedicated page for Valentine's Day with the limited special offer:

Prepay for any booking package and get:

  • Angel wings upgrade

  • Rose petals upgrade

  • Gothic King Bed shoot upgrade

  • $200 credit towards any picture packages.


Valentine's Day for All the Single Peeps

Last year for Valentine's Day, I had about 5 or 6 shoots in a row of people who were recently single and wanted to do a shoot to send to their significant other to rub it in how hot they are. I thought it was hilarious. I finally asked one of them what is happening and they said it was a TikTok trend. I was thinking about doing something this year - some kind of a sale or a special or something, but I did not want to advertise negative energy when I'm all about happiness and positivity.

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine's Day can be a great time to show yourself some appreciation for yourself. We all know that boudoir shoots are really incognito gifts for you. When your choices are A) Golf clubs, B) A watch, or C) A photo shoot session for you where you get pampered with hair and makeup, access to thousands of dollars of wardrobe, and elegant luxurious sets in a styled shoot with keepsakes that you get to keep forever in a professionally printed leather album, we all know what's going on. So, do it for you disguised as a gift actually for you, or just do it as a gift for you. Either way are awesome options.

But for real, if you have an awesome recently-dumped story, bring it to me. Someone rented my studio one time, broke some things, one of his friends stole some things, and they made a huge mess. I met his girlfriend when he came, but they broke up a few days later. The girlfriend reached out to me a few months later and said that he said horrible things to her about her body and emotionally pushed her into the ground. I had recently been gifted some lingerie to shoot for a lingerie company that was her size. She came in for her shoot and I gave her about $150 in a matching 3-piece lingerie set. One of my close friends is a big-shot designer who launched her own makeup line. I called her and told her the situation. She came straight down and did hair and makeup. I spent another $100 on props just for the shoot because 1) fuck that guy, he shouldn't have said those things to her 2) fuck that guy for making a mess, 3) he follows my stories and she wanted him to see what an absolute queen she is, 4) I don't like it when people are sad about how they look. All right, so I try to be *all* about happiness and positivity, but sometimes righteous rage fills my soul.


To learn more about booking a shoot or what shoots are like here, check out the booking page here:

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