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The Lighting Guide

198 pages with 375 photos annotated with information on controlling the softness of light, where to place lights and why, which modifiers to choose, working with colored lights, choosing LED vs. strobe, lighting setups, camera settings and strobe settings, tips on lighting specific parts of the body, working with strobes outdoors, and more. Hundreds of sample photos with examples of each setup and examples of every point covered.

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VIP Bundle


I want people to be able to practice what they learn and get access to more information. The limited-time VIP bundle package is going to be available to anyone who purchases the lighting book. It will include:

  1. One hour of studio rental time ($95 value)

  2. Studio light upgrade ($50 value)

  3. One month of access to my Ignite Pro educational membership program with access to workshops and the members' only video library ($40 value)

  4. Mobile companion of the book for easy on-the-go access

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Lighting Book VIP Bundle Terms and Conditions

  1. The VIP Bundle is only for customers who have purchased the Lighting Book. You may purchase the VIP Bundle before you buy the Lighting Book, but the benefits are only valid once you have purchased the Lighting Book.

  2. No refunds or exchanges. Benefits are non-transferable.

  3. You must make an account on and email me with your account information so that I can grant you access to the member benefits. Your benefits begin once you have been notified that your account has been converted to be allowed access.

  4. Rentals are subject to availability.

  5. Details of the Ignite Pro plan can be found here: and here:

  6. The mobile companion version of the book may not be copied or distributed in any way. The mobile companion will be available soon. Users will be notified by the email provided when it is available.

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