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Halloween 2022 Booking Info

How to get a spot in our busiest time of the year

Spooky season is here and it's our biggest time of the year. I shoot spooky things all year round and Halloween is when that is in highest demand.

Halloween-Themed Shoots

Industrial fog machine with custom low flying fog chiller, candles, gothic outfits all set the vibe for spooky shoots. Halloween themed shoots start at $1400 and include hair and makeup, access to wardrobe, and up to 2 hours of shooting and up to five outfit changes. Some makeup requests might reqire an dditional charge. The base package includes five edited pics with additional pictures or video available for purchase.

Blood Rave

I will be setting up the blood rave in the second half of October. The 10' cube filled with 200 gallons of heated fake blood that rains from above and features a 100 sf 2 inch pool of blood is always a favorite each year. Blood rave shoots start at $1,200 for an hour long session.

Book both sessions with a $400 discount when prepaid before your session.

Late Sept. through October 14, 2022 - Halloween themed shoots

October 17-October 27 - Blood Rave only

To Book

Use the form below to get in contact and I'll get back to you with more info!

Looking forward to our shoot!

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