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Add-on: Creative Lighting

These add-on items are available as additional options for your shoot day or bonuses for pre-paying for packages. It's a great opportunity to get extra freebies by paying upfront.


Ok, so one thing you'll find out about me pretty quickly is that I am a huuuuuge lighting nerd and I love doing outside the box creative projects with light. I love doing neat things with color. I love building and crafting my own lighting tools. Some of these tools are really expensive. Some of them take a lot of extra time to setup. But they all make very pretty images.

Below are some of the examples of the things I have built or setup for my creative lighting stuff, from fiber optics to my custom color changing magnetic light bars, and all sorts of stuff in between.

In a career highlight of mine, check out this video from the Fstoppers Youtube channel. Fstoppers is one of the largest photography community websites in the world. They have regular contests open to the public. Here, I entered the Unusual Lighting contest and the owners of the company spent five minutes talking about this image I submitted.

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