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What is a Boudoir Shoot?

There are so many different definitions and understandings of what "boudoir" means. It's an archaic French word from the root word meaning "to sulk, or reflect." A "boudoir" was a woman's private changing dressing room or bedroom. But the French word for bedroom is "chambre" not "boudoir." So, if boudoir was just about shooting in a bedroom, it would be called "Bedroom photography" or "Chambre photography." But it's not because it has nothing to do with being physically in a bedroom. It has to do with reflecting on yourself and putting yourself first. Boudoir is about celebrating your physical beauty for you.


It's different from glamour or pinup. When you look at a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition or even a sexy picture from FHM or Maxim or Playboy, those are pictures where the model is generally trying to come across as sexy solely for the viewer in order to sell a product or sell copies of the magazine or simply to seduce the viewer. Those shots are all about pleasing the viewer.


When you do a boudoir shoot, even if it is a gift for someone else, it is about capturing you being beautiful for you, and the power of the confidence radiating from that. The pictures can still be seductive and alluring and sexy, but they are those things for you first and foremost. The pictures are not judged by how many copies they sell of something, or by how many other people think they are hot. They are judged by what you think about them because they are for you to reflect on yourself.

Choosing the Right Photographer

Where I come in, is I light you, pose you, style the shoot with different sets and wardrobe looks and makeup looks, and then make creative decisions as far as camera angle and settings to let you see yourself in a different light from what you usually see.

There are a lot of variables that go into how you want your shoot to go. We put a lot of time into planning it out to make it exactly what you want it to be.

Follow the link below to go to the page about booking, or use the Learn More link to learn more about your shoot.

Delivering Unforgettable Experiences

It is my goal with every shoot to give you an experience that you will look back on with vivid positive emotions for the rest of your life.

I strive to uplift. I strive to instill confidence. I strive to make people see themselves differently, forever. This is why I do what I do. Check out this video with Emily's reactions to seeing her pictures in an album for the first time here so you can see the type of experience I want you to have:

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