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Picture Packages

The booking fee includes all of the benefits listed on the booking page, but we separate out the picture packages as a separate item because it allows you to reserve your shoot with a smaller upfront cost and to customize the price based on what products you are looking to get.

When you set up your pre-shoot consultation, we will go over more details including the pricing and pre-payment bonuses.

You are not required to prepay for any pictures before you see how awesome they turn out, but we do have awesome incentives if you do want to prepay certain amounts.


Getting Your Pictures

I want you to have your pictures in a format that respects the art that we create. We offer bound albums and prints. We have a large format printer on-site and can print and trim your pictures immediately. We have picture packages that start at 5 images. We do have picture packages that include just digital images, but because you are paying for the picture and not so much the paper it's printed on, the digital-only packages are not significantly cheaper.

The Reveal Session

After your shoot, we'll sit down together and review the pictures and you can pick the package that reflects the number of pictures that you want to get and start designing the album.


The best way to keep your pictures. The albums come from Europe and have a couple of weeks' turnaround. There are a variety of different album sizes and materials for covers to choose from. We have samples here in the studio to look at with different papers and covers. They are lay-flat books with thick pages that allow for beautiful layouts even if they span across pages. Once you've chosen the images you want, I will design the album and send you a preview.


Our large-format professional printer can make prints of any size up to 44" wide. We can print right in the studio and the prints are ready as soon as the ink dries. It's perfect for last-minute gifts and taking home immediate souvenirs of your experience. We also order folio boxes for your prints which are nice custom gift boxes for your prints.



Album Delivery



I'll ship the products to the studio usually and then we'll set a day and time to meet up to deliver your finished pictures. Check out this video of Emily seeing her album for the first time. The whole story of this is on YouTube here.



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